#03 Pre Loved Striped Cute Blouse

Material : Cotton
Colour : Striped green and white
Size : Can fit up to S
RM20 (including postage)

Della's note : Have some fun and show off your curve with the sash given. Cute!


#02 Pre-Loved Turtle Neck

Material : Cotton
Colour : Blue and Brown
Size : M (can fit up to M)
RM20 (including postage)

Never worn before.
Bought at Singapore.
Interestingly, can be worn inside out!

Della's note : Who doesn't love polka dot? We love 'em too!

#01 Pre Loved Vintage Blouse

Front detail

Close up

Material : Satin
Colour : Light Yellow
Size : M (as stated and can fit up to M as well)
RM 20 (including postage)

Della's note: Try this blouse for your vintage look!

Note from Della.

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